Hey bananas, I'm Tanya!

Welcome on my very first blog! Here, you’ll find articles about travel, adventures and inspiration, and all things I like !

But first, let me introduce myself :

My name is Tanya, I’m French and my parents are Lebanese. I have traveled a lot during my architectural student life and until now : Lebanon, Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Mexico..and of course Europe ! I need to travel as much as I can, and that is since always !

Why Tanyabana you ask ? Because it’s fun, it almost rimes, and when you say it, you HAVE TO sing a little, and laugh 😉

Office working hours has never really been my thing.. Especially after living a year and a half in Australia, with my boyfriend. We had the best time ever, touring and road tripping around wild Australia. The bushes, the beach, the desert, the wild animals, the wild landscapes. I have never seen so many different species of animals in such a short period, and never heard so many different sounds of crazy beautiful birds. I discovered a new culture, a new lifestyle, and this is for me the best way to grow.


Weirdly, whenever I am living in an other country, I feel like I’m in a cool game. As if I was starting a new life. A new exciting life, with new eyes, and new thirst. I strongly believe that artists are children that never grown up, they see the world as children see things for the first time, always.


My only constant is motion, and I find this change so enjoyable and appropriate.

How would I save money for travel ? When I was only 15, I saved up enough money during one year from babysitting, to travel to California, for one week. And that’s when I understood I would never be able to save up for much more than travels around the world. All the money I would make from small sides job, I would put it in my travel envelop, and when I judged it was good enough, I would search for the best plane tickets price, and jump on the next (most economical aha) plane ! For me, it’s just a matter of priorities.

My number 1 priority, is to always be on the move. I need this change to feel stable. All of these adventures taught me so much. From meeting people, to discovering new career skills, it is essential to just be out there. Otherwise, I would just feel inexistant, invisible.

One of my forever project, is to live in Hawaii, one day ! The polynesian culture, its people so welcoming and warm and caring. I have this strong feeling and awareness that I belong to this Land, like if my souls was Hawaiian in an other/past life, like I’m deeply anchored to the Polynesian people.

I often get told that I think grass is greener on the other side, but I simply find the world is big, and generous. So why settle in just one geographical zone, for ever ? There is this saying I love too much, which says it all «  if you don’t like where you are, move, you are not a tree ». I find it so true, so simple, so easy to manage and practice.

I’ve always been a creative mind, and believe me, in a family of traditional intellectuals, having an artsy soul isn’t always understood. For me, one cannot live without caring and appreciate art.

Ceramic, sewing, knitting, painting, beads, jewelry, photography, video. Art is as much my hobby, my passion, and my work, as you probably already know through BANA. My ultimate dream ? To be able to live from it.

I am a creative, passionate and ambitious girl, and for me, it is very important to create this connexion with my community, that’s why I want to start sharing ALL of my adventures on this blog !


It’s also here where you’ll discover my top tips about regular life stuffs, my discoveries and my daily stories, with my coffee and my madeleines with chocolate !


XX babes


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