Kalbarri, Hutt Lagoon pink lake & Pinnacles desert

October 31st 2019th:

After approximately 4h of driving, we arrive in Kalbarri, a beautiful park where the Murchison River meets the Indian Ocean and offers incredible views. Our time there was very brief, as we had a major destination waiting for us, the Hutt Lagoon, as known as the pink lake! A fabulous flashy pinky lake which, seen from above, is a real spectacle with it’s brillant contrast with the ocean, the land, and other salt lagoons surroundings.

We spent the whole afternoon watching these beautiful landscapes, looking at views from above, wanting to stay here forever and witness the colors changing. It was so peaceful, the area was huge to explore, and because time was passing, we had to head to our next stop: the Pinnacles Desert and the Cervantes . A lunar kind of set you see in fantastic movies. A huge very yellow desert inhabited with tons of weirdly shaped rocks, the limestones pillars 

Our video of the whole trip, shot with a Dji Mavic 2 Pro (details here), puts the perspective on a top level! Tell me what you think!

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