Perth, Rottnest Island & Dunsborough

November 1st 2019th:

We are on the day of our 4th year anniversary. We spent the night in a very dangerous spot, by the sea, with very very VERY strong winds, and no lighting anywhere. To get there, we had to drive very slowly because of the lack of light, the very mellow sand, and the fact that we didn’t know if we were going to make it alive until the camping spot. We almost didn’t sleep, because of the wind slamming on the van. I remember once falling asleep and thinking the ocean waves took us all together in the water, and the moves creating by the wind in real life were the waves in my dreams. And on top of that, it was heavily raining. I can leave you imagine the sound and the feelings felt that night. My only wish at that time was to see the lights of daylight, just to end that horrible living nightmare.

Good thing about these experiences, you appreciate life in its simplest details.

We didn’t wait long until the sun came out, so we packed everything as the wind calmed down, and headed back on the road to Perth. Arriving to Perth, it was not much of a surprise, big cities, skyscrappers, roads and people everywhere. But it felt warm and welcoming, it reminded me of Sydney, in a smaller and more concentrated way. We found a perfect little spot at City Beach, a popular area on the coasts of Perth, which we fell in love

November 2nd 2019th:

Today, we embark on a ferry to Rottnest Island. A remote island off the coasts of Perth. Home to millions of quokkas, these little cute creatures, that are always smiling at you. The weather was perfect, the crystal blue water, and some of the whitest beaches in the world. A heaven, one more time, on earth. Every time I visit Australia, I can’t stop but thinking that this land is pure paradise, and that’s why it’s so far from the rest of the world, to filter the people who really want to come, as we know it’s not an easy an “fast” way

November 3rd 2019th:

Today, Vincent went drone fishing at 5am and caught a beautiful sandwhiting fish. A tender white fish, which gaves us the chance to cook the most delicious ceviche we ever made. We spent the day going around Perth and around, and found a nice stop where we could sleep tonight, located in quiet Yallingup, which means “place of love” in Aboriginal language.

November 4th 2019th:

After a windy night and cold weather, we wake up, and it’s finally sunny, warm, and we found ourselves alone in an amazing spot: Meelup Beach in Castle Rock, Yallingup.

We directly go outside to have our breakfast with a view, and when we finish eating, I wanted to clean the van, but Vincent insisted we do our dance on the beautiful quiet beach. Of course, I accept, and on top of that, I suggest I wear my newest floral dress, bought just the day before. To mention, the last 3days were spent in jogging clothes, no make up, no hair done. Seeing the enthusiasm, Vincent also dressed up for the video dance. He suggested we write LOVE in big in the sand

So here we go, doing our 3 steps dance, on the sand, just the two of us, the drone flying above us in circular mode, making sure it’s recording this very special moment.

At the end of the dance, Vincent is very romantic, sweet, and a bit disturbed. I can feel something is going on, but I’m not sure, and I don’t want to make high hopes. So I just think about anything else, and embrace this tender time…and then, he start talking passionately, and then, kneeled down! I can let you guess the end 😉 I said YES of course! like, I saw the ring, and my mouth started talking itself, and I said like 6 yes in one sec hahaha. The ring was EXACTLY what I wanted, and that’s because he knows me by heart! No, just kidding, it’s because we had talked about this one day a few years before, and I actually had to send him a picture of what I liked.

It was only 8:30am, and there we were, ENGAGED!! 4th of November 2019 marks a very special love day. And you know makes it even more special? This beach were we were, called Yallingup? Means “place of love” in aboriginal. We waited about 4h so that it would be early morning in Europe and tell the news to our family and friends. Oh what a beautiful day! To celebrate, we walked along the beach, found a nice spot to sit, and Vincent took this time to fish, while I was too busy contemplating my gorgeous queen diamond engagement ring, taking pictures, and sending to everyone.

Later on that day, we went to the small town in Dunsborough, a rich and warm town, with so many cute little shops, where I found my today favorite clothes store, Ghanda. We went for a perfect BBQ spot right in front of Meelup Beach, and boy that view was splendid!

We looked for a nice place to have dinner and celebrate our special night, and found this cute typical Australian restaurant serving Australian fusion food, Yarri. As you may know, Australian live super early. They sleep early, and wake up early. They live with nature, and I love that. So when we called, they only had 3 spots left: one at 5pm, 6pm and 6:30pm ! Might feel strange for Europe, but this is how serious they live early. So we booked for 6pm, and had the most appetizing food. We finished at about 8pm and exhausted! 


This day will stay in our minds for ever!

Our video of the whole trip, shot with a Dji Mavic 2 Pro (details here), puts the perspective on a top level! Tell me what you think!

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